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The opportunity: Improving overseas job opportunities and attracting new international students

Good quality contact data is a valuable tool, for recruitment, marketing, fundraising and relationship building. Many departments hold their own contact databases, and for three separate departments working with international students, this provided an opportunity ripe for collaboration.

The solution: Reciprocal information sharing

Over the past 12 months, Employer Connect, within Student Careers & Skills, has collaborated with the International Office to share details of international employers engaging with Warwick, give examples of graduate jobs and internships, and employer quotes and statistics. This information is valuable to support international student recruitment, as employability is a key reason for an international student to choose to study at Warwick.
The International Office has reciprocally shared overseas alumni contacts for Employer Connect to approach to source jobs and internships for Warwick students, increasing the number of international opportunities advertised at Warwick. These alumni contacts are then shared with Alumni Relations, to be added to a central alumni database, so they can be contacted in the future.

The outcome:

This is an example of three departments collaborating and working together; from the prospective student recruitment stage, right the way through to these students applying for jobs following their degree, to them becoming employees and alumni themselves and offering job opportunities to Warwick students.

By working together, the three departments ensure a continuous cycle of proactive student recruitment, support to Warwick students to gain a career, through to alumni giving back to Warwick.

Following this collaboration, Employer Connect and Alumni Relations have also worked together to research international alumni mailing lists to source new overseas graduate employers. This has led to a further 20 international employers signing up to the myAdvantage jobs portal, which advertises vacancies and internships to Warwick students and alumni.


Next steps:

If you would like to work more closely with any of those teams involved in this project, or think your team would find value in sharing this data, contact Esther de Perlaky in Student Careers and Skills.