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About the SPI Programme


Students in the OculusTo deliver an integrated, consistent and personalised institutional information environment incorporating effective seamless processes, intuitive interfaces and definitive, comprehensive data. This will empower and equip students to make effective choices over their journey at Warwick and to support their own development and progression.


  • To futureproof the University’s position and provide a foundation for innovation in education and growth in student numbers.
  • To build a sustainable platform for innovation, growth & agility to respond to a changing and unpredictable external landscape.
  • To allow students to tailor and influence the path, pace & content of their experience.
  • To facilitate the addition of new flexible structures and modes and build capability around change allowing Warwick to continue to evolve, transform and remain cutting edge.


Student in lecture
  • Providing personalised, tailored information to students through clear, accessible and coherent portals.
  • Bring consistency and simplification to the management and provision of student information through effective processes and clear workflows.
  • Implement clearly defined, standardised systems, with SITS, Moodle and Tabula at the core, reducing the variability between departments and ensuring that students experience unified, clear pathways and processes.
  • Ensure student information is recorded and managed accurately and used to provide a personalised holistic student experience
  • Improve consistency of processes and systems between academic departments and central functions, & across the student journey: Admissions to Alumni.
  • Underpin the development of new courses and bring current ‘edge cases’ into the mainstream.
Students working in group
  • Deliver a comprehensive, consistent online learning environment, combined with consistent academic policies to facilitate student mobility, flexibility and choice.