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My Warwick app


One of the core objectives of the SPI programme is to simplify the student experience, making it easier for students to access the information they need for their study and life at Warwick. The My Warwick app achieves this by bringing together lots of useful information in one handy place, giving students the ability to quickly access different aspects of their day-to-day life at Warwick.

MyWarwick App

Developing an app

With mobile web usage now overtaking desktop usage, Warwick decided to develop an app in-house, and this development work was undertaken by the Web Development team in IT Services. Afterwards, the team conducted a pilot with a group of students, to find out if they felt the app was useful and intuitive. 


The My Warwick app was launched in September 2017 and advertised to second year undergraduates. It's proved to be a huge success, and is now accessed by students and staff all across the University.


- 16,000 regular users

- 90% of first year undergraduates use My Warwick

Using the app

Students can use My Warwick to do everything from checking their timetable and viewing their coursework deadlines to updating their Eating at Warwick balance.

My Warwick can also send alerts, either automatically through the system or when departments need to get an urgent message to students. These alerts could be to flag that a library book is due back or to let students know that a seminar has been cancelled. They can also be used in emergency situations to send urgent messages to students using the app.

The app has been positively received by students, largely because it gives them the ability to quickly access the information they need in a single place.

Next steps

The app is regularly developed, with direct student involvement to ensure that it does exactly what our students need. Suggestions for new features or functionality can come from a variety of sources - through in-app feedback, via reviews in the App Store, through the My Warwick forum or through student focus groups. A steering group has been set up to review these suggestions.

The shuttle bus tile and the Office 365 'to-do' tile were both requested by students, and the Web Development team worked to find ways to implement these features. The team continues to review feedback to ensure Warwick is constantly improving the app for our students.

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