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News: SPI moves to Digital Strategy & Transformation team

What you need to know

SPI - both as a team and a programme - has now moved into the new Digital Strategy & Transformation team, led by James Alexander, Digital Strategy & Transformation Director. This team is part of the wider Information & Digital Group (IDG), headed up by Tony Pauley, Chief Information & Digital Officer.

Why has this happened?

The world is changing at an ever-increasing pace, and Warwick is working to deliver the tools and skills we'll need to fully and successfully adapt as a University. This means providing services to students and staff that are rapid, predictable, secure and flexible. SPI has been considered a model of best practice for digital projects, so we're excited to take our expertise and ideas into a brand new, focused, permanent team.

What does this mean for SPI and its projects?

SPI as a singular, temporary programme no longer exists in the same way, but the projects we've been sharing with you over the last four years are continuing as part of this new Digital Strategy & Transformation team.

Digital change is a permanent focus for Warwick. This is a really positive thing - it means we will be able to continue to work with staff to transform the student experience at Warwick, collaborating with a larger central team of dedicated Business Analysts, Process Owners, Project Managers and Project Support.

What's next?

Watch out for more news in the weeks to come, and catch up with the latest Administrators' Forum to hear our discussion from December 2020.