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How SPI is helping the University to manage the changes relating to Covid-19

In our SPI Programme update on 29 April we told you of our plans to keep you updated on SPI project progress and to share some examples of how our team members are applying their expertise and skills from SPI to support the Business Continuity and Recovery programme. (To ensure that you continue to receive SPI updates, please configure your notification set-up through the ‘Notify’ button on the top right of the SPI blog webpage.)

The Teaching, Learning and Assessment (TLA) Helpdesk

In the early days of the Covid-19 situation, the usual resource mailboxes were all receiving an extremely high volume of enquiries about the new online exam system, so the TLA Helpdesk was established on 9 April to ensure that staff enquiries were efficiently directed to the right teams and colleagues.

Lisa Whiston, Kirsty Baxter and James Winterman of the SPI team used their business analysis and project management skills and their experience of working with multiple teams across the University to get the right people together to identify, analyse and scope out the requirements. They then worked with ITS to configure the enquiry management system. The system, which was set up within 10 days of the requirement being identified, is a great example of how the SPI team is helping the University to manage the changes related to Covid-19.

Next steps

Image of NaomiThe SPI team members then enlisted our newest team member, Naomi Grew (SPI Process Owner, pictured). Naomi joined SPI on 17 March, coming from the Department of Chemistry. She was tasked with setting up and managing a new dedicated team of four enquiry handlers, and acting as the link between the helpdesk and the Teaching Continuity workstreams. Naomi was able to use her knowledge of how the University works to lead the new team effectively which means that staff queries are being resolved sooner and always get directed to the right specialist teams when needed. She is coordinating with the TLA newsletter team and the Alternative Exams Portal (AEP) teams with the result that queries and responses continue to inform the twice-weekly guidance updates.

Since 9 April, the TLA Helpdesk has received and triaged all calls and emails from staff across the University relating to online assessment. The team has resolved approximately 30% of queries themselves through signposting colleagues to the right resource, escalating the rest to other operational teams, predominantly Education Policy & Quality (EPQ) and Exams.

Identifying the impact

Establishing this service team has eased the operational pressure on EPQ and facilitated their work relating to business continuity and recovery. Dan Derricott, Assistant Registrar (EPQ) said: “The TLA Helpdesk has enabled us to focus on those more complex queries that need investigation and a more detailed response; in addition, the time saved has been used to ensure that policy is being constantly developed and updated to be responsive to departmental feedback and frequently asked questions.”

Please support our operational effectiveness by using the new Helpdesk for all your queries. Read more about the services covered by this Helpdesk.

To ensure that you continue to receive SPI updates, please configure your notification set-up through the ‘Notify’ button on the top right of the SPI blog webpage.

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