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Keeping student experience at the heart of our work

SPI’s key focus has always been improving the student experience at Warwick - we want Warwick students to have the best possible experience during their time here, and it’s our job to make it easier for staff to provide this.

In our last programme update blog in April, we talked about the status of different SPI projects, and explained that specific project areas have particular relevance to the business continuity challenges the University now faces, including marks management, exam boards processes, curriculum management, wellbeing case management, learning analytics, mitigating circumstances and module selection.

SPI benefit categories – a new way to realise and report on the improvements that SPI projects deliver

SPI projects are being continuously reviewed as we adapt to rapidly changing circumstances. In addition to plotting our work against the University’s overarching areas of focus during this period to ensure consistency with these core themes, we are now using the SPI benefit category map, which has the student experience at its core.

image of benefits areas for students, staff and community

Green (Student experience)
The SPI programme exists to improve student connectivity, learning experience, wellbeing and employability – by identifying elements of our projects that deliver an improved student experience across these four areas, we will continue to keep these focuses at the very heart of our work.

Blue (Staff experience)
We can’t deliver improvements to the student experience without providing staff with new systems, processes, and support, ensuring that they can retain their resilience and improve effectiveness, particularly as we face the challenges around Covid-19.

Orange (Community improvements)
These elements of the map focus on our community. Now, more than ever, we all depend on the University’s reputation, compliance with external measures and ability to develop in a sustainable way, and we can now measure how SPI is contributing towards these areas.

What’s next?

Our next steps are to use the new SPI benefit categories to help us achieve the following:

  • Communicate more clearly to students and staff the improvements that SPI projects have delivered, (alongside the more detailed project updates) and what further improvements are in the pipeline.
  • Prepare and present a detailed cost/benefit analysis for senior managers. This will help them to make decisions on where we should prioritise our spending to gain optimal benefit in terms of improvements for students, staff, and our community.
  • Map business requirements against project benefits to understand the impact of making changes to our projects as a result of BCRP priorities.

We will be explaining this, and other SPI programme developments, at the SPI Administrators’ Forum (in pre-recorded format, with interactive Q&A) from 10am-12pm on Thursday 23 July. If you would like to be added to the attendee list, please email

Mon 06 Jul 2020, 14:20 | Tags: Programme-wide updates, Admin Forum