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News and Events

06 May 2020

What is the Information Security Change Programme?

An institution-wide information management programme is underway to help all staff and students work more securely with information and data. Find out more about what’s happening and what it will mean for you.

An introduction to the Information & Digital Group

The Information & Digital Group brings together IT Services, the Library, Strategic Planning and Analytics (SPA) and the Information Security and Management teams - with the exception of the team supporting the Data Protection Officer, Rachel Gower and her Legal and Compliance Services team. You can see the Group structure here.

01 Jan 2020

Device security hub

Our institutional responsibility for managing personal data has become more stringent. Regulations like GDPR being an example of increasing regulatory interest.

Here is the standard for device security at Warwick and guidance on how to meet our data management responsibilities.

News from CIDO

We have launched this new website to provide everyone at Warwick with a single, easy-to-find location for important information on University Privacy Notices, our Data Protection statement and our new Policy Framework on Information Management, Governance and Security. Use the feedback forms to let us know what you think.

CIDO Staff Meetings

We plan to run quarterly online meetings for all CIDO staff to exchange information and have an open Q&A with Tony Pauley and his fellow Directors. Read about the first of these on 18 June 2020. The second all-staff meeting was held on Thursday 03 September 2020 to share with staff, as early as possible, some of the changes taking place within the ITS area of CIDO. Our third interactive CIDO all-staff meeting, with a live Q&A session with directors, is scheduled for 11:00 on Monday 28 September - save that date.

CIDO Bulletin

As well as regular communications via Inbox Insite and Insite News, the CIDO is writing a monthly Bulletin to help provide additional context, greater awareness and useful information on the changes the University is undertaking to enhance its position on information management, governance and security.

You can read the first two Bulletins here:

CIDO Bulletin 1

CIDO Bulletin 2