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Policies and guidance on the SIM site

Over recent months the University has completed a comprehensive action plan of work - agreed with the ICO - to transform our position on security and information management.

An important priority during this period has been to provide regular updates, like this one, to ensure information is actively shared with the University community. Alongside training, communication via insite and the new Security and Information Management website is a key tool to increase knowledge, understanding and the ability of our staff to help keep our University information secure.

The site is designed to provide everyone at Warwick with a single, easy-to-find location for all important policy guidance and information – especially our Privacy Notices, Data Protection statement and new Policy Framework on Information Management, Governance and Security.

What is the Policy Framework?

To work successfully as a centre of excellence in research, teaching and learning we must safeguard our information assets – that's all the personal and professional data and original work that underpins our collective value and reputation as a University.

The information the University creates and manages needs to be kept secure, safely managed and available to the right people at the right time. The comprehensive Policy Framework formally adopted by Council and Senate in early July, provides a structure to understand and safeguard the full scope of these activities across the University.

You can now access individual summaries and full policy documents under Information Management, Information Governance and Information Security:

Information Management

IM01: Policy of Policies

IM02: Training Policy

Information Governance

IG01: Information Governance Policy

IG02: Data Protection Policy

IG03: Information and Records Management Policy

IG04: Digital Preservation Policy

IG05: Information Classification Policy

IG06: Data protection Impact Assessment Policy

Information Security

IS01: Information Security Policy

IS02: Access Control Policy

IS03: Clear Desk Safe Working Policy

IS05: User Account Management Policy

IS06: Acceptable Use Policy

IS07: Systems Management Policy

IS08: Network Management Policy

IS09: Software Management Policy

IS10: Mobile & Remote Working Policy

IS11: Encryption Policy

IS12: Investigation of Computer Use Policy

Who is affected by these policies?

Information management, governance and security is a collective responsibility, not just an IT issue or an HR issue. All staff, managers and senior leaders need to be aware of the policies, guidance, procedures, risks and other issues relating to information management within their Faculty, Department or Group. This means becoming familiar with the contents of the Policy Framework.

The policies apply to everyone who has a contractual relationship with the University - all employees (both full-time and part-time across all grades) and those engaged via the VAM Payroll and Unitemps or other agency contracts. It also includes students, visiting professors, consultants and self-employed contractors.

Why is this important?

Good governance on information management makes our University a safer place to work, a trusted partner in maintaining the excellence of our research, teaching and learning and ensures ongoing legal compliance. Please take some time to read and understand the policies, guidance and the rest of this site content. You can use the on-site feedback forms for any queries, to let us know what you think, or if you spot any errors or omissions – or email

Security & Information Management is Everyone's Responsibility


Who needs to know this?

All staff, managers and senior leaders.

These policies apply to everyone who has a contractual relationship with the University.

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