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Records Management

The Records Management Policy, University Records Retention Schedule (RRS) and accompanying guidance make provision for the management of records at the University.

Records Management Policy

The University's Records Management Policy outlines the principles that support the University in discharging its records management obligations and makes provision for the management of records at the different stages of their lifecycles. The policy forms part of the University's Information Security Framework and outlines the general responsibilities of all those individuals who may create, handle or store information on the University's behalf.

University Records Retention Schedule (RRS)

The University RRS defines the minimum retention period for records in a particular class and is an important tool in the management of records at the University. Departments that operate a local RRS are requested to ensure that the records therein are captured in the University RRS and that the local schedule contains a header that explains that the document is an excerpt of the University RRS.

The University is a complex organisation which creates many different types of record. These records have the potential to either be one of the University's greatest assets or a liability. The unnecessary retention of records held in any format can consume staff time, space and equipment and in some instances can risk legal challenge. The implentation of the RRS can mitigate risks arrising from certain aspects of poor records management as it identifies how long specific types of record should be retained. The RRS also identifies those records that the University selects to archive in its Modern Records Centre. The RRS forms part of the University’s suite of records management guidance documents and helps demonstrate how the University manages the retention of personal data in compliance with Data Protection legislation and its wider approach to records' lifecycle management.

The University RRS is subject to ongoing review and development and its accompanying version control document sets out the changes made to the schedule over time.

University Records Retention Schedule (RRS) - Version 2.4

University of Warwick - Records Retention Schedule - Version Control Document

If a class of record is not set out in the RRS then please consult the guidance document ‘How to set a retention period for a record at the University of Warwick’ and its accompanying quick guide in the Records Management Guidance section of this intranet page. If you require further advice on records retention please contact the University Records Management Advisor.

Information and Records Management Guidance

The weblinks on the right hand side of this page can be used to access further information about records management. In addition the following good practice guidance provides advice on various aspects of information and records management at the University of Warwick:

If you have any queries, or would like further advice, about Records Management at the University please contact the University Records Management Advisor.

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