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Essentials of Academic Writing for dyslexic students

This is the first Warwick course developed, in collaboration with Wellbeing Support Services, specifically for dyslexic students.

How to attend:

Please contact Sue Walter from dyslexia Wellbeing Support Services who will add your name to the register. The course will run once the register has 10 students.


Lasting one hour, it focuses on clarity and structure, the key difficulties for many dyslexic learners.

It also emphasizes planning, construction of sentences and paragraphs. Essential norms for punctuation and referencing are included.

You will be asked to:

  • Bring along a sample essay plan that you have put together in the past.
  • We will also email you with a text to read and divide into paragraphs before the session.

The course is open to all Warwick students, irrespective of level of study.

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