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Masters academic writing is the first step into research writing. Your examinations are mostly based on (module) written assignments, leading to your dissertation. Your writing should be able to demonstrate not only your ability to analyse, critically engage with material and develop complex arguments, but also aspects of originality. Look at the courses below and pick the one that suits you best.

Academic Writing lectures, courses and workshops

All courses are available as online resources or live webinars. If a course is full, please add yourself to the waiting list.

Feedback from students

What was most useful about the course?

Organisation and paragraph writing and literature review.
Dissertation and essay planning
Explanation of different components of the essay
Breaking down the essay writing process and having examples for each section to analyse.
The exercise they went through.

To improve writing style, especially for dissertation.
To learn what level of writing is required at masters level to get good grades.
Employ practical examples to put theoretical suggestions into practice.

The very methodical and critical analysis, breakdown of sections required for any piece of writing, plus references provided.
Introduction and conclusion were well explained.
How to organise paragraphs.
Reviewing structure as well as language styles. Questions from other students were also useful.
Discussing different pieces of writing and identifying the flaws. Discussing a piece of my writing with one of the sessional leaders.
Hand-out materials and the possibility to have one to one questions.