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PhD Thesis Writing Groups

2019 groups are now complete

The Thesis Writing Groups aim to offer regular protected writing time for postgraduate research students to use in order to produce chapter material. There are 32 places available, divided into 4 groups, meeting once a month.

The groups are designed to offer:

  • a structured environment in which to write productively
  • focused writing advice and support from the facilitator
  • the chance to share writing experience with fellow students
  • help with the motivation needed to keep writing and make effective progress.

The meetings will take place in a quiet location, with an additional break-out space for discussion or consultation.

Thesis Writing Group request form is now closed.

Please note there will be a setup meeting on 12 June, 1-2pm. All successful applicants will be required to attend.


The groups are open to research students who have developed enough research and can already write academically at the level required for strong, submittable chapter narrative.

Typically, these are students in the later stages of their research.

Meetings are 3 hours long, and take place once a month over a period of one year (12 meetings). Each group will have a facilitator who can help you with matters and difficulties related to thesis research and production, if you need to. The students are in charge of managing their Group. If a student fails to attend twice consecutively, their place within the group will be cancelled.


  1. The defined scope of the groups is the production of chapter material, NOT generic improvement with academic writing. For that, please see the Academic Writing Series
  2. The Groups do not offer any support for improving English. For English tuition, please see the programmes offered by Centre for Applied Linguistics
  3. This is not a revision-before-submission exercise, and no proof-reading will be available.

It really just motivated me to get writing

Kristina Cutris, Doctoral Researcher, WMG