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How to use the Programme

The programme provides Academic Writing education for all students and covers all aspects of interaction with the discipline, i.e. face-to-face, courses and online.

It is essential that you read the relevant pages carefully before booking places so that you understand what a particular event consists of, and what expectations you may have from attending.

Explore what may be relevant to you

To find out what courses are available, select your award level:

Waiting lists

Courses are generally fully booked within one to two weeks. Always join the waiting list and check back for the next available dates.

Individual advice

Advice is available face to face or via online. If you wish to request individual advice, please note the terms of that particular service.

Face-to-face advice:

Online Advice:

Please note:
The Programme does not offer 1-to-1 general advice on Academic Writing. As such, you must formulate a clear, focused request which identifies what issues you would like advice on.

Please observe the limitations as listed on each of the Programme advice pages above.

Main programme limitations

  • The Programme does not offer English language tuition, nor is it aimed at, or designed for, improving English language skills. For that, please see the Centre for Applied Linguistics
  • No service of the Programme offers proofreading or essay revision as such.

How to contact the Programme

To ensure we can respond to your enquiry please use the appropriate contact details.