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The Writing E-line

You can now receive academic writing advice via a dedicated email service!
(NB! Questions about referencing must be addressed to the Library and your subject librarian)


Open to all Warwick students who wish to obtain support for writing difficulties via email.

You may send a Word attachment no longer than 250 words (one page) in order to illustrate your enquiry, if necessary.

Submitting an enquiry/request for advice:

It is essential that you first read the available online material provided by Warwick Academic Writing e-learning resource

In order to receive efficient advice, please clearly formulate and focus your questions.

Your enquiry must have a precise subject, such as:
“I have a problem with my style/vocabulary/etc, and here is a passage to exemplify…”
“How can I improve transition between ideas or paragraphs?”
“How do I improve my narrative based on this example…?”

You must also include:

  • Your name and student number
  • Year of study/ course level (UG, masters, PhD).

NB: You will not receive a reply unless you provide this information!

Please do NOT submit generic questions, such as:

“How can I improve my writing?”
“How do I write a lit review?”
“How do I structure my essay?”

Please note that your question (and our response) may be logged, anonymously, onto the Warwick Academic Writing e-learning resource so that other students may benefit also.


This service does NOT revise/proofread your writing.

  1. You are, of course, very welcome to email samples of your writing to exemplify your difficulties. However, no proofreading will be offered, nor will your essay / assignment be read and revised before submission.
  2. We cannot advise you on matters relating to content (i.e. that of your discipline).
  3. We do not provide English language tuition. For that, please see Centre for Applied Linguistics: Learning English.
  4. This is not a referral service. Please read the Academic Writing programme which lists all available sources for Academic Writing at Warwick and, indeed, elsewhere online.
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Email submissions to:
academicwriting at warwick dot ac dot uk

Examples of student submissions can be seen on the E-line Forum

Please note: The response time is 3-5 days.