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Undergraduate & Masters writing mentors

Peer-to-peer support programme

If you are an Undergraduate or a Taught masters student and want to develop and improve your written assignment skills, you can get advice from a mentor. Our mentors, this year, are Somia Bibi, Freya Verlander and Harbir Bal, doctoral level researchers in disciplines directly related to academic writing. They can help you with your module assignment writing, weekly at The Learning Grid (University House), WBS, and the new Student Opportunity Hub

You can either attend the drop-in sessions as timetabled below, or you can request time with a personal mentor. This is a right-here-right-now advising exercise, so if you require immediate help with any of the following areas:

  • assignment planning
  • structure
  • style
  • grammar
  • referencing (NB! We cannot advise you on formatting. Please see your school’s handbook or see your subject librarian)
  • presentation
  • narrative coherence
  • clarity

Autumn timetable, starting week 2



Student Opportunity Hub

Monday, 2-4pm
Wednesday 12-2pm
Thursday 2-4pm

WBS, 0.009

Wednesday, 3-5pm

Learning Grid 1, University House

Tuesday 3-5pm
Friday, 11am-1pm

Drop in, no need to book! Simply go to one of the advertised rooms above. Please be prepared to wait if the mentor is busy with another student.


Plan it Now!

A session on planning and coherence held by the Writing mentors.

Thursday, 05/12/2019
11:00-13:00 Room: OC1.08

This session will focus on macro -structure and narrative coherence, you will have the opportunity to discuss the principles of these techniques and how they apply to your work. You will apply these techniques when reviewing each others’ work and revising your own work with the assistance of mentors and peers. You will be able to improve your academic writing and review a number of writing skills and will have made progress on your assignments during the session.

You will also find out about the online and face-to-face resources available to you at Warwick.


Personal Mentoring for Masters students

This year, Masters students may also request personal mentoring which will give you up to 4 1-to-1 meetings per term.

If you would like to request personal mentoring, please follow this 2- step procedure:

  1. attend a standard mentoring session (timetable above) and talk to the mentor about personal mentoring
  2. submit this online form (accessible only to logged-in Masters students)

If you wish to request Personal Mentoring, please remember that you must attend a timetabled session first and discuss your situation with a Mentor.


Please note:

  1. You are, of course, very welcome to bring in samples of your writing to exemplify your difficulties with your assignment. However, no proofreading will be offered, nor will your essay / assignment be read and revised before submission.
  2. Your mentor cannot advise you on matters relating to content (i.e that of your discipline).
  3. Please note: this programme covers UG and Masters assignment writing and its relevance to academic study; it does not provide English language tuition. For that, please see Centre for Applied Linguistics: Learning English
  4. This is a face-to-face service only and does not work via email; therefore, no materials are accepted / read via email, and no academic advice will be provided.
Feedback from our students...
  • I needed to get feedback on my assignment. Found the session very useful and will definitely access it again.
  • Sentence structure, answering the topic question, spelling and grammar. Thank you for this session it has definitely been a good help.
  • I have learnt that I should always add the reference after I used the resource. And better understanding of grammar.
  • Understanding better what was expected of me in terms of formal presentation, logics and referencing. I think it was useful and the explanations were very clear.
  • I learnt the structure of the essay and how to make an effective conclusion.
  • Help with understanding my assignment question and forming a structure for my essay. The tutor goes out of her way and is very helpful!
  • A very helpful and insightful session. It's very useful to have people who will take time out to explain things as much as you need as some tasks can be overwhelming.

I am recently trying to overcome procrastination, "writer's block" and the implementation of feedback remarks into my upcoming 2500 words essay. I tried to share my thoughts and worries, for it may ease the pressure and tension. I also gave some technical questions on writing technique, such as keeping up with word limit and writing non-descriptive, interlinked paragraphs. The advice I met was very professional, detailed and helpful. I have a feeling that the assistant was very committed to help me, she also gave me advice on time management, related to my case. I am happy to visit this point today and if I am going to face any difficulties in future, I will surely drop in.

To gain understanding on how to write my PMA without slipping into plagiarism issues. And secondly to clarify how to organise my references and citations. How to organise my reading with little notes alongside to avoid losing relevant areas for my assignment. Also important is to give my own interpretation of what the author has stated without distorting the meaning. I am happy to have this meeting and will apply every bit of information received in my future work.