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Education Strategy and Joint Skills Initiative Project

What is ESJSI?

The Education Strategy and Joint Skills Initiative (ESJSI) seeks to understand the breadth of student development opportunities at the University of Warwick and suggest options for students to discover, record, and reflect on these opportunities.

We know that there is a great deal of activity in support of academic, professional and employability skills across the UG and PGT lifecycles delivered by the academic departments, Student Careers and Skills, the Library, Student Union, IT Services, Centre for Applied Linguistics and others. A previous survey determined there were at least 10 different central providers! The student development offer is complex and often difficult for students to access and therefore not inclusive. Informal student led, and peer to peer options are also not fully discoverable, which sits at odds with the Education Strategy’s focus on students as partners and producers.

ESJSI will work with providers, academic departments, and students to
  • Collate the current offer of academic, professional and employability skills development activities and opportunities.

  • Identify requirements to fill any shortfalls

  • Explore solutions or tools that enable students to discover, record, and reflect on these opportunities.

What happens when?

(this is an indicative timeline and is subject to change)

Stage 1: October 2018-January 2019
Gather information on existing activities and opportunities from central providers and collate.

Stage 2: January-March 2019 
Interviews with academic departments to understand departmental and in-curriculum opportunities and activities. Identify gaps, shortfalls, and areas of good practice

Stage 3: March-April 2019
Consider new and existing tools enable students to navigate the offer, record and reflect on their experiences. Make a recommendation on appropriate tools, resourcing, and processes.


Who is involved?

The project is co-led by Rhiannon Martyn of the Graduate School and Erika Hawkes, Student Careers and Skills. The team includes Clare O’Leary, Rachel Davis, Anthony Brewerton, and Tracy Horton. We’re working closely with the Student Union to ensure that the student voice is represented at every stage of the project.

How can I get involved?

We’ll be contacting central providers with a request for a list of existing activities and opportunities in December 2018. This list can be returned via email.

If you’re interested in student development and would like to receive updates or be involved in the research project, email e dot hawkes at warwick dot ac dot uk. You can also email Erika with any questions at any time.