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Being a researcher

Student research is one of the key elements of your academic experience at Warwick. Taking the time to explore an element of your curriculum in more depth or an entirely unrelated area to your degree subject is something you will be encouraged and required to do throughout your time here. Research skills can not only help you excel in your studies, but also develop your creativity and innovation skills, and even give you a huge advantage when applying for jobs and further studies. This workshop will breakdown some of the key steps in planning, managing and reporting on a research project, be that an essay, an extended or applied research piece, or a dissertation.

Develop your research skills by attending this workshop. The workshop covers:

  • What it means to be a student researcher at Warwick
  • Reflect on what is research and your past research projects
  • Explore the basic elements and steps of a research project to help you get started and stay on track
  • Break down some research jargon and help you build your confidence as a first-time researcher
  • Introduce you to student research support available and help you action plan for research skills development at Warwick
Find support for your skills in this area in the Academic and Study Skills Moodle
Workshops scheduled: