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Getting Started with Skills Development

This workshop will help you to develop and/or refresh your understanding of skills development opportunities available at Warwick and explore areas for future development and how to gain recognition through WSPA. It also introduces the concept of reflection and getting started with action planning.

This workshop will help you:

  • Develop and/or refresh your understanding of the skills development opportunities available at Warwick
  • Gain formal recognition for engaging with skills development opportunities through Warwick Skills Portfolio Award (WSPA)
  • Understand what reflection is and help you develop and enhance your reflective practice
  • Explore areas of skills development that you might like to work on in the next academic year or whilst at Warwick
  • Get started with action planning and developing your personal skills development plan

All Undergraduate and Master's students are welcome, regardless of your year of study or your previous engagement with Skills or Careers workshops.

This course if the starting activity for the Warwick Skills Portfolio Award (WSPA) or it can be completed independently from the award.
Workshops scheduled:

 Getting started with skills development - Online Moodle course (Undergraduates and Masters)