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Digital Literacy

You demonstrate Digital Literacy when you:

  • Have the capabilities that enable living, learning and working in a digital society.
  • Are comfortable with using digital media to communicate, solve problems, manage information, collaborate, create and share content.  

It is likely that all of us have some grasp in these areas. However, we can also go deeper. Here, we list resources that can help you develop your digital literacy further while you are a student at Warwick. While you explore the list, you will notice we have grouped them in areas we hope will support you in understanding the breadth of this skill.

Confusingly enough, if you look around for information you might find that many of us refer to the Digital Literacy with others terms, the most common of which are Digital Skills and Digital Capabilities. In broad terms, they all refer to exactly the same.

What is Digital Literacy?

Resources by topic

Indicates that this activity can be used towards the Warwick Skills Portfolio Award

You can manage and maintain suitable online profiles, understand your digital footprint and use digital technologies in ways that align with your personal values and goals.

You can identify, choose and participate in digital learning opportunities. You can use digital tools to support your learning.

You can find digital information and media, judging if it is trustworthy and relevant.

You can use information and media according to copyright rules and avoiding plagiarism.

You can find and organise digital data, ensuring the safety of personal data.

You can analyse and interpret digital data.

You participate in a range of digital communication media, understanding their uses and norms. You can collaborate in digital groups and can produce shared outcomes.

You can use digital tools to organise yourself, your projects and plan your work.

Are you a member of staff interested in supporting the development of Digital Skills for students and/or peers? Join our Digital Skills Peer Support Group on Microsoft Teams.