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Numerical Skills

Stuck with maths and stats?

Numerical Skills Mentors can offer help with the following:

  • Maths and Stats content
  • Data interpretation
  • Numerical reasoning

And any other maths and stats questions. This service is intended for general questions from students from any background; for discipline specific queries please approach your department.

No need to book, just turn up and one of our peer mentors will be happy to help.


Numerical Skills Mentors Drop ins

Monday 2-4 (Oculus)

Tuesday 10-12 (SCS Science)

Tuesday 2-4 (Oculus)

Wednesday 10-12 (Learning Grid 1, University House)

Wednesday 13-15 (SCS Science)

Wednesday 15-17 (SCS Social Sciences Hub)

Societies that offer numerical skills support:

MORSE Society (Statistics Students)

Psychometric tests support through Careers and Skills:

Aptitude tests - practice makes perfect

Other numerical support at Warwick:

QuBiC - Quantitative Biology Centre (Life Sciences UG students)