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Learning at University

This workshop is an introduction to learning at University. During the workshops we’ll discuss your expectations around university study and highlight different options for support and advice. You may find this workshop especially useful if you are new to Higher Education in the UK, or are in your first year of an undergraduate degree.

The workshop covers

  • Expectations, anxieties, and assumptions about learning at university
  • Ideas and tips for learning in lectures and seminars
  • Discussions and questions about your studies
  • Other options for support, development, and advice.
  • Date 15th October

Upcoming dates

Wednesday 26 September, 10am to 12noon, H0.60 (Humanities Building)

Friday 28 September, 1pm to 3pm, H0.60 (Humanities Building)

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Warwick student videos from the 100+ project on the topic of learning at university