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Your career

Thinking about your career

Year 2 students say that during this year:

  • There is more focus on career planning.
  • Academic demands are such that they don’t always invest enough time in career planning activities.
  • Careers expertise and resources available are highly valued.
  • Whilst engaging in life at Warwick they don’t always take time to think about how their learning relates to future employability.
How can you help yourself?

Here’s a checklist of things to do to get ready for Year 2:

  • Decide where to start by looking at these career statements to find out where you are now and what to do next. The careers timeline of key events will help you do this.
  • Think about people who can help you build your professional network - family, friends, and acquaintances. How can your contacts help you with your career?
  • Try and get some work experience. This provides an opportunity to explore careers that you are considering. Who knows, this might even lead to other things, such as a summer internship.
  • Check out the many work experience opportunities on the Careers and Skills website: myAdvantage work experience
  • Think about what you learned from your experiences and how you are going to use this. Have you made new connections, learned new skills, learned about a different culture? Why not Tell your Story and capture this learning on myPortfolio
  • Prepare for careers events on campus in Year 2. Check out employers’ advice to Warwick students. How are you going to help yourself stand out from all the rest?
  • It’s a good idea to do some research on employers so here’s a handy web page to get you started: Researching Employers
  • Do some work on your CV ready for the Year 2 Careers events when employers are on campus.
How can the university help me?

The Student Careers webpage details the range of services on offer including searching for jobs, applications and interviews, events, and how to write a CV.

The Job Search Advisers can help with CVs, applications, searching for jobs, interviews and work experience.

The Careers Consultants can help with career planning and choices; each consultant works with specific academic departments.

The Warwick Alumni scheme and e-mentoring service is a great resource for you and perfectly placed to give you a helping hand with your career.

The SU offers a range of ways that students can get involved including becoming an Exec member of a club or society or a course representative.