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Your course

Thinking about your course

Year 2 students say that their studies:

  • Are much more academically challenging, more stimulating and enjoyable
  • Require much more independent learning
  • Require better time management to undertake a greater workload and meet strict deadlines
  • Are increasingly pressured as more grades ‘start to count’ towards the final degree result.
How can you help yourself?

Here’s a checklist list of things to do to get ahead:

  • Find out what to read in advance.
  • Reflect on feedback from your Year 1 assignments and exams. How are you going to use this to improve?
  • Identify any gaps in your subject knowledge or skills that you might like to address. Look back at your feedback and identify any places you were asked for more information and examples.
  • Identify gaps in your notes or any outstanding work that you need to complete.
  • Find out about the assessment criteria that will be used in Y2: Check your module handbooks for marking criteria for each assignment. Are you familiar with your modules learning objectives?
  • Make the most of your first meeting with your Personal Tutor. Have you prepared for this meeting, perhaps by thinking of questions to ask?
  • Find out about ‘Welcome Back’ and/or ‘Introduction to Year 2’ events in your department and make sure you attend them.
  • Get into good study habits early on by going to a research & study skills workshop.
How can the university help me?

Many departments will arrange ‘Welcome to Year 2’ meetings to introduce key staff and outline information about your course, modules, assessment criteria and other requirements.

Your Personal Tutor will usually meet with you early in the first term of Year 2 to discuss your Year 1 assignments and exam results and support you academically and pastorally.

Your departmental SSLC is the place to discuss any concerns you have with teaching, learning and Wellbeing Support Services with the academic staff.

For a reminder about what’s on offer at Warwick, the Warwick Life web page is a handy resource for all things Warwick.

I understand a lot more of what I'm learning, why I'm learning it and what I can do with it.

How would you describe Year 2?