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Your wellbeing

Thinking about your wellbeing

Year 2 students say that:

  • Living off campus is big change and requires adjustment to a new lifestyle.
  • Travel to the campus sometimes takes longer than expected.
  • Most students thrive within their groups of friends, classmates and flatmates and enjoy the many new academic and social opportunities.
  • Some students feel more isolated from other students because of timetable changes, living off campus and reduced contact with other students.
  • Finding study spaces can be difficult at certain times.
How can you help yourself?

Here’s a checklist of things to help you adjust to living off campus:

  • Recognise that it’s not always going to be easy, and that’s normal.
  • Build in realistic time for travel and use the daily commute productively.
  • Take time to build good learning and social support networks round you, whether that’s your housemates, classmates, family, a peer mentor/buddy, or university society.
  • Keep healthy, both physically and mentally. Here's a handy list of Wellbeing apps to download. Why not join a new club sports club or society?
  • Think about volunteering as a way of getting to know your new community Warwick Volunteers has lots of projects in Leamington, Warwick and Coventry.
  • Master a few more cheap, healthy and tasty recipes such as these quick and easy and great for students recipes.
  • Identify the locations of the microwaves and hot water – you can save money by bringing your own food.
  • Identify the campus study spaces that work for you.
  • Remember that it’s never too late to ask for help, tell someone about a concern or talk to someone about a disability or mental health issue. Why not find out how the Wellbeing Support Services can help?
How can the university help me?

Your Personal Tutor is there to support, advise and guide you, and to help you get the best out of your time at Warwick.

The SU Student Advice Centre can help with various aspects of housing including house-hunting, checking tenancy agreements, repairs, recovering deposits and security and publishes a Guide to house-hunting and a Guide to moving off campus. You can use the Housemates Wanted forum to check out accommodation vacancies.

The travel information web page provides current information about your journey to campus.

The leisure and social web page details what’s on where.

Student Funding can help with information about financial support whilst studying and hints and tips about managing your money.

The Wellbeing team has a range of self-help resources are available as well as regular drop-in sessions.

The Library’s Study Happy team run regular events and activities where you can meet with up with other members of your Warwick community.

I'm more used to the system and routine, I've formed a network of friends that keep me emotionally stable.

I'm more comfortable with my surroundings, so being away from home is a lot easier.