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Inspiring Women

Inspiring Women Student Series

Upcoming talks:

There are no further inspiring women student series talked planned for this academic year 2018/19.

Next academic year begins a new series of talks – possible dates for your diaries are listed below.

More information on speakers and venues to be confirmed.

All talks will take place Wednesdays 1-2pm with networking after until 2.30pm.

For examples of our past speakers, see the link below.

Possible upcoming dates:
  1. Wednesday 23rd October 2019 – 1st choice
    Wednesday 30th October 2019– 2nd choice
  2. Wednesday 13th November 2019 - 1st choice
    Wednesday 20th November 2019 – 2nd choice
  3. Wednesday 29th January 2020 - 1st choice
    Wednesday 5th February 2020 - 2nd choice
  4. Wednesday 26th February 2020 1st choice
    Wednesday 4th March 2020 – 2nd choice
The Sprint Programme

An immersive female personal development designed to accelerate your potential (undergraduate and postgraduate programmes available)

Feedback from attendees of the Inspiring Women talks programme...

‘I walked into the room today feeling negative about various things in my personal life and left having forgotten all of it and feeling positive. This talk was so lovely and genuinely inspiring in an accessible way’

‘It gave a head start to work more confidently on my ideas’

‘Truly inspiring session. Your words ‘never give up’ will stay with me’

'The advice that she gave was very genuine and needed especially now’

‘Lovely atmosphere. I feel very inspired! I look forward to the next talk very much’

‘Great event – enjoyed listening to the speaker and watching the presentation. Great to be able to network after – I look forward to the next event’