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2018 Inspiring Women Speakers

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Emma Kennedy

Emma Kennedy - Wednesday 24th October 2018

Hear from Oxford-educated Emma Kennedy about the importance of ‘Never giving up’. Multi award winning author of ten books, which includes two best sellers, a screenwriter and occasional actress. She is only the 6th woman ever to write a BBC1 sitcom (The Kennedys) and has written extensively for children’s television including Dangermouse, Strange Hill High and Waffle the Wonderdog. Acting credits include Hollywood film Notes on a Scandal, Miranda, People Like Us, Goodness Gracious Me and Jonathan Creek. She is part of cult podcast As It Occurs To Me and was the Runner Up World Conker Champion. She also is a Guinness World Record Holder and won Celebrity Masterchef and Celebrity Mastermind. Warning: Strong language and a great deal of humour!

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2018 Inspiring Women speakers

24/10/18 - Emma Kennedy