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Frankie Hobro

Frankie Hobro is the Director and Owner of Anglesey Sea Zoo and an Alumni of Bangor University. Frankie has a long history working on hands-on conservation projects with critically endangered species in difficult conditions abroad, having worked in many different countries in both terrestrial and marine environments, and specialising in island nature reserve and endangered species management.

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‘Really enjoyed the talk on Wednesday, learning about Frankie’s different conservation projects and how she gets the community on board was very interesting, and having achieved all of this on her own really shows that determination pays off. Will definitely look out for other talks in the series (this was the first I have been to)’.

‘I was really happy to attend the talk today and learn new things about wildlife conservation and the importance of sustainability. Frankie's experience amazed and motivated me to make more sensible, environmentally-aware choices and try to teach others to be more respectful of the environment. I would definitely participate to similar events in the future. Thank you’

Wed 04 Mar 2020, 13:00