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Winnie Mak

Winnie Mak is the founder of ‘One Dear World’, an educational toy company with a vision of nurturing future global citizens. Originally from Hong Kong, an international city with mainly Chinese, she got her first in-depth multicultural experience through her MBA programme in Warwick Business School. The company has recently won the Family Business of the Year by the Federation of Small Business (FSB) London and featured on BBC.

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‘I walked into the room today feeling negative about various things in my personal life and left having forgotten all of it and feeling positive. This talk was so lovely and genuinely inspiring in an accessible way’

‘Winnie is such a great lady and so inspiring with her life story and her business. Not only is the idea so important but also the step to start your own company is o brave. It makes her a great role model for anybody was listening’

Wed 30 Jan 2019, 13:00