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Inspiring Women: Sharon Redrobe

Sharon Redrobe, CEO of Twycross Zoo and Vitalise Business Women of the Year was our most recent Inspiring Woman speaker. Sharon inspired and entertained the audience with her insights and experiences.

Key messages to emerge from Sharon’s presentation:
  • Be bold in following your curiosity and your passions
  • Do what you love
  • You can make a difference
  • Change direction when you realise you’re not playing to your best strengths- so in Sharon’s case moving away from ‘hands on’ veterinary work to strategic leadership
  • Have the courage to make difficult decisions in order to ensure business success
  • Culture change is hard. Making change means being controversial
  • Making changes led to staff turnover. Hold your nerve; morale and staff satisfaction did improve
  • Celebrate your successes
  • Be ambitious but also analyse, plan, write
  • Zoo Careers =Science Careers – ‘It’s not just shovelling poo, you know.’
  • Use social media to market your business
  • Network and contribute- join boards, speak whether you have the opportunity- get in front of the camera!
The qualities of a successful leader:


Feedback from attendees:

I have been advocate of this series from its inception but this talk for me was absolutely the highlight so far. Through the hour long talk, Sharon clearly demonstrated why she was such a good subject for the Inspiring Women series - not afraid to speak her mind and follow what she believes in. A true inspiration and advocate for Twycross Zoo!

Sharon Redrobe’s talk was truly inspirational. Her advice on emotional resilience was great, coming at a good time too. Reminding us that everyone’s approach is different depending on the kind of person you are, but it’s perfectly okay to have a cry in your office so long as you do your job well. And to remember not to take things personally.