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Widening Research and Participation

The widening research and participation (wrap) project is a 2-year Students as Partners research project, investigating the availability and accessibility of undergraduate research opportunities in which Warwick students can participate.

The research team comprises three postgraduate and two undergraduate students supervised and supported by the Researcher Development Manager

( Michele Underwood and URSS co-ordinator ( Wendy Hunt). The project is funded by Warwick’s Widening Participation Development Fund.

We have been operating since January 2018, and have been investigating models of practice across the University (beginning with the Undergraduate Research Support Scheme – URSS), the UK and US to explore best practice in the role of undergraduate research’s potential to widen participation and contribute to an improved university experience and outcomes for all students.

Our next steps will be to collect data on the specific barriers students at Warwick face to engaging in undergraduate research, both within and extra curricula, and their understanding of its potential to increase educational attainment and be a positive influence towards successful graduate employment or further study options.Using the data gathered, we will co-design and test recommendations to increase the role of undergraduate research at the University of Warwick.

We have a specific interest in improving the experience for underrepresented students who traditionally have increased barriers to participation in university life. Our approach aims to ensure that systematic and structural behaviours and actions are organised to support the full inclusion of all students, with a focus on activities which will build bridges and remove barriers for (typically) under-represented groups throughout the full student life-cycle, with the aim of securing parity of outcomes.

Primary Data Research - Survey, Focus Groups and Interviews

Our research application has been approved by the HSSREC.
Number HSS 32/18-19 Dated: 17th December 2018
Please find our Participant Information Sheet in full here

Survey is now closed . We are collating our results and will be disseminating them at the following events:

Opportunities to be involved and inform our findings as well as shape our recommendations are here:

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Follow us on Twitter: wrap project @warwick (@wrap_warwick)

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Webpage: Widening research and participation Students as Partners Project wp-project

If you would like to take part in the URSS this year, visit the URSS webpage.