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The middle stages of your research

Making progress

It’s your second year (or maybe 3rd or 4th if you are researching part time). You’ve found your way around Warwick, your research is underway and you have made good connections within your department and also centrally. So what do you need from us at this stage?

This is probably the busiest time when you are juggling multiple projects, wondering about your writing, and starting to think about what next? It is also a demanding time keeping your motivation going when you may not have a clear end goal in sight - how are you going to navigate your way?

Share your research

Remember this is Show and Tell – not Hide and Seek. Take every opportunity to present and become involved in public engagement opportunities. We will post any opportunities we know of on the Researcher Skills Moodle and you department will also advise you. Remember there is ‘My Research’ a peer led research presentation event. It is a great opportunity to see what other research is happening across the University and be inspired. You can choose to present, chair or be part of the audience.

PGR Showcase (19th June 2019) is an annual event hosting an interdisciplinary, interfaculty Poster Competition. Prizes are awarded for best faculty poster, best poster overall, and the Public Choice winner. The Poster Competition is followed by the brilliant 3MT Competition. The 3MT Competition is an international competition to present your thesis in 3 minutes!! Amazing presentations every year. Support or participate - your choice.

What skills are you needing now?

You should be writing already but maybe now you need to join the Researcher Writing group to keep your motivation going. Also start thinking about a publication strategy and come along to the brilliant sessions which will guide you. Revisit your development needs analysis document and see where you are now. Then get training.

Start planning for the future

There are many opportunities to discuss where you want to go with the knowledge and skills you have and are acquiring. Look out for Careers in Academia, Careers beyond Academia and the PhD employer networking event. You never know who you might meet and who will inspire you.