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Rules of entry

  • Remember this is a Public Engagement Competition. The skill is to explain your research to a diverse audience.
  • All posters must be A1 size (59.4 x 84.1cm).
  • Posters can be either portrait or landscape.
  • Your name, title of poster and university logo must be clearly presented on the poster.
  • Business cards and A4-sized versions of the poster may be used as handouts. No other handouts may be used.
  • Additional material may added to the poster if necessary and appropriate to your presentation (e.g. flaps or lifts on poster).
  • Laptop/tablet demonstration is not permitted.
  • One QR code is permitted on the poster. The QR code will be for information only: you should not use the QR code as an alternative to explaining your research clearly to the judges. You will only be able to share the additional information gained from the QR code after the judging has finished. Judges are not permitted to view material gained from a QR code until after the judging sheets have been submitted
  • Posters must be submitted in advance by the advertised deadline (according to the instructions on the website).
  • All entrants of the competition may be invited to showcase their poster at other University events. All winners will be asked to mentor undergraduate research students in creating posters.
  • By registering for this competition, you are agreeing to your details being shared between departments within the University (but to no outside organisation).

Important note:
At the Showcase event, the judges will record their scores in a number of areas, focussing on the content and design of the poster and the quality and clarity of the verbal presentation. They will be looking for poster presentations which can explain complex research to a non-specialist audience in an accessible and engaging way.