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Research Student Skills Programme

About the programme

Researcher Skills Programme (RSSP) 2018-2019  

At Warwick we are committed to supporting you as a Postgraduate Researcher both professionally and personally. We aim to equip all our Postgraduate Researchers with the skills, knowledge and attributes to enable you to thrive as an independent research professional and prepare you for your next career steps. As part of our commitment to you and the research culture at Warwick we have designed the Researcher Skills Programme (RSSP) which provides training, resources and support to help you become an effective and highly employable and engaged researcher.

We recognise that our Researchers have very differing needs and requirements and have a varied skill set. The RSSP has been designed with this in mind, allowing you to access the training that suits you and your needs, whatever your stage of career and development.

The RSSP offers an annual programme which allows you to plan your needs over the next 10 months. This includes sessions in vacation time and three summer schools in 2019; one of which is specifically for those who are researching part time.

Some of the areas we cover include: Presentation Skills, Poster Design, Effective Researcher, Viva Preparation, Prioritisation & Objective Setting. We also do a lot more so please see our annual calendar to plan ahead.

Viva Preparation

Come along to a Viva Preparation workshop, watch our You-Tube video or use our on line film. You can also access our PhD Survival notes on the RSSP Moodle. And just remember - you are now the expert!!

E-learning and online resources

There are online courses to support you if you are away from campus, research part time or wish to revisit a subject area. The Researcher Skills Moodle is an opportunity to engage with colleagues across Warwick, find out what other opportunities are available for you specifically as a Postgraduate Researcher and a repository of information. It also has a peer led forum where you can find out the answer to your questions. See here for our library of online/ E Learning resources.

Public Engagement i.e Telling People about our Research.

Remember meeting with your colleagues from across Warwick will provide you with fabulous networking, creativity and support opportunities. Or why not take the challenge and join the 3 Minute Thesis Competition (see our Public Engagement section for more details including our Conference Bursary for you to design and deliver the conference you want to attend!)

How do I book onto RSSP Training?

You can book and record all your RSSP training via Warwick Skills Forge
To help you navigate through your developmental needs, we have categorised our sessions in the below six areas. This will help you identify and prioritise your needs. Look forward to seeing you!

Broadening your academic skills Personal effectiveness Research ethics and governance
Developing your academic profile Impact and public engagement Career development and planning

What researchers say

Peter Ward

Kristina Curtis

Why should you invest time and effort on your Professional Development? Presentation slides from Marco Cinelli