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Applying for an IAS early career fellowships (C7R)

The Institute of Advanced Study offers up to 20 Early Career Fellowships a year, providing part-time bursaries to aid the transition from doctoral to postdoctoral career.

The workshop offers an overview of the scheme, a review of past applications and a chance to learn what makes a good application.

By the end of the workshop you will have:

  • Identified how to frame a good research proposal
  • Explored the concept of interdisciplinary study
  • Had the opportunity to ask questions about the scheme.

Additional information:

Who is it for? Postgraduate students registered for a research-based doctorate (excluding the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology), who are soon to submit or have recently submitted their thesis.

Is any preparation required? No

Is catering provided? Yes

Who is the tutor? IAS Director

Other researchers say:

Useful, practical advice … It will help me write my IAS ECF application and [other] fellowship applications.


Further resources: