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Preparing for & surviving your Viva (R5R)

The session is highly participatory and aims to help develop your potential to give a good performance at your viva voice examination. It focuses on what a viva voce examination actually is and what makes it successful. As with any exam, preparation is essential and this workshop will discuss what preparations are appropriate both before and on the day, to develop the skills and confidence to enable you to succeed.

By the end of the workshop you will have learned:

  • the purpose of a viva voice examination
  • what makes a successful viva voice examination
  • what preparations should be undertaken before the viva voice examination
  • how best to prepare on the day of the viva voice examination
  • how best to develop the skills necessary for a successful performance at a viva voice examination.

Additional information:

Who is it for? PhD students in the FINAL YEAR.

Is any preparation required? No

Is catering provided? No

Who is the tutor? Dr Ioanna Iordanou / Dr Emma Smith / Dr Kate Mahoney