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How to write a literature review (W25R)

A literature review examines critically various sources already written about a given subject. It allows you to gain a full and in-depth understanding of the subject, place your study within its context, and determine what has already been established in relation to your question(s).

As most PhD students are required to produce a literature review, this workshop looks at the main challenges posed by researching and assembling an effective review. It will cover:

  • the purpose of a literature review
  • what constitutes 'literature'
  • planning
  • structuring
  • aspects of criticality
  • features of a good review
  • the review in the context of a PhD thesis

Students will examine a variety of literature review examples, and then assess how their elements function together (or do not).

Additional information:

Who is it for? All postgraduate research students. To register for this workshop, you must be enrolled on (or recently graduated from) one of the following degrees: PhD, MPhil, Masters by Research, EngD, EdD, professional doctorate.

Is any preparation required? No

Is catering provided? No

Who is the tutor? Dr Mihai Balanescu