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Grammatical accuracy (W9R)

As dry as it may seem, grammatical proficiency is one of the main indicators of a writer’s level of skill, irrespective of whether English is his/her first language.

This first workshop on the subject of grammar looks at the main aspects of morphology (the discipline of individual words and word interaction) and explores ways in which these contribute to the immediate quality of academic writing.

By the end of this workshop, you will have:

  • an understanding of grammar as a component of language and educated communication
  • awareness of what defines grammar and its components
  • a definition of morphology
  • awareness of parts of speech (i.e nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc)
  • understanding of tenses and their sequence in academic text
  • awareness of active and passive voice, as well as dangers of overuse
  • an overview of punctuation.

Additional information:

Who is it for? All postgraduate research students. To register for this workshop, you must be enrolled on (or recently graduated from) one of the following degrees: PhD, MPhil, Masters by Research, EngD, EdD, professional doctorate.

Is any preparation required? No

Is catering provided? No

Who is the tutor? Dr Mihai Balanescu