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Public Engagement

Here at Warwick we're committed to helping all staff and students talk with the public about their research, and supporting the whole university to become a welcoming destination for the community to make use of our excellent facilities and enjoy time on campus.
The National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement says:

We believe that universities and research institutes have a major responsibility to contribute to society through their public engagement, and that they have much to gain in return.
We are committed to sharing our knowledge, resources and skills with the public, and to listening to and learning from the expertise and insight of the different communities with which we engage.
We are committed to developing our approach to managing, supporting and delivering public engagement for the benefit of staff, students and the public, and to sharing what we learn about effective practice.

At Warwick we have many opportunities to engage with our wider audiences and offer support to help you along the way. This includes Warwick’s Public Engagement Network and the following:

Present, Share, Showcase

The Postgraduate Research Showcase is an opportunity for you to hone your presentation and public engagement skills. The Showcase brings together Postgraduate Researchers from across the University of Warwick into an interdisciplinary competition; with judges ranging from academic specialists, visiting industrial partners, local business leaders and colleagues from across the academic sector.

The 3MT (Three Minute Thesis) Competition is an international competition held across the world. Can you explain your thesis to an interdisciplinary audience in 3 Minutes? Winners of the Warwick competition will be put forward to the British National competition.

Or present a Poster at the Poster Competition. This is a great way to communicate your research , whatever your discipline, to a broad audience with a range of experience and knowledge. Prizes are awarded for faculty and overall winner.

Both competitions also have a Popular Vote. Encourage your colleagues and friends to support you and the event.

Or do you want feedback and guidance from your peers instead? The termly My Research is a peer led presentations and networking social event. Each session has 3 speakers who present for 10 minutes. Again you will be presenting to an interdisciplinary group from across Warwick. If you don’t want to present just now, support your colleagues and see what fascinating research is going on across Warwick. We provide a buffet and hope you take the opportunity to network and socialise too.

Plan an event

How about organising your own conference? Or seminar or meeting? The RSSP can support you.

We have a fund of £1800 and can fund to a maximum of £300 to help you deliver the event. Please note we can only grant one award per academic department.

We also have training and a wealth of colleagues from across Warwick who can advise on the joys and pitfalls. For 2017-2018 we will try our best to support new activities.

(April 2018- fund now closed for this academic year due to volume of conferences we have supported)

Engage with the research community

Contribute to the PhD Life blog
Become a PGR Ambassador
Connect with other researchers on Piirus
Recruit participants for your study via Call for Participants

Engage with the public

Public Engagement Training opportunities available through the RSSP
Volunteering projects
Brilliant Club
Warwick Public Engagement Network