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Santander International affiliates

What does the URSS bursary cover?

Due to the generosity of the Santander Universities Mobility Awards, several bursaries are now available through the URSS International Affiliates scheme to provide a bursary of up to £500 per student. This tops-up the potential £1000 bursary that URSS students receive.

This can be used towards for a student’s travel and living costs to aid their aim of researching abroad*. It is available for Warwick students to support travel and living costs during the project. It cannot be used to fund direct project costs or to purchase project-related equipment or services (e.g. laboratory consumables or other equipment, photocopying, library access cards).

Am I eligible to apply?

The URSS International Affiliates strand is a new initiative to enable Warwick undergraduate students to complete research via a partner institution overseas or an undergraduate from that institution to complete research with a Warwick department.

If you are a fully-registered undergraduate student here at Warwick, then you are eligible to apply for a URSS Santander bursary. Students must have a full member of Warwick staff as the project’s lead supervisor, to ensure that the URSS has a Warwick contact linked to the project.

If you have applied for URSS previously, you are welcome to apply again, but you must be clear about what you will gain from being granted funding, as this will be taken into account in the scoring process.

How do I apply?

The URSS does NOT arrange projects for you. You need to submit the application with your project already arranged with your supervisor.

Please Note: applying for a group project does not guarantee that all members of the group will have successful applications. You must consider the implications if one/some of you are unsuccessful.

A full application consists of one form completed by the student and a parallel one completed by the lead academic supervisor. These are then passed to a Review Board for assessment and scoring. Although it may not be possible for both of you to complete the forms together at the same time, we do advise that you both go through the application forms together to ensure that the information you are both submitting is consistent.

Warwick students going abroad:
Santander International Affiliates form

Supervisors for Warwick students going abroad:
Santander International Affiliates form

Please ensure that you read the Staff Guidance notes thoroughly before you complete the form.
Further infomation about the URSS Experience

*Please note that placements in the following countries are available: Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Germany, Ghana, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay, USA. However, we will still consider placements in other countries on an individual basis.