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Poster & abstract requirements


Members of a group project are each required to submit individual posters.

These may be focusing on the same area of the project, but must be obviously individual or may focus on different aspects of the project so that together they tell the full story – the posters will be exhibited together at the Showcase.

  • Your poster must be A1 size, either portrait or landscape (H: 84.1cm x W: 59.4cm)
  • Your poster should include your name, department, project title and the name of your supervisor
  • You should include sections on Introduction/background, methodology, findings/results, conclusions, although they do not have to be titled like this. Also include references and acknowledgements (both in smaller print). You should avoid jargon
  • You should acknowledge the URSS and that of any other organisation you have worked with on your poster. We would prefer that you use one of the templates provided to incorporate the University branding
  • If you think there may be Intellectual Property (IP) issues arising from your research, please discuss this with your supervisor and then alert the URSS team. This may affect what you can include on your poster and whether it can be displayed at the showcase
  • You need to submit both a hard copy (if the face-to-face showcase can go ahead) and an electronic copy of the poster (pdf)
  • Your department pays for printing, either via Warwick Print, or on your department’s poster printer. If you print via Warwick Print, use the online formLink opens in a new window on the Warwick Print website especially for the URSS where you can upload your poster
  • A printed copy of your poster should be submitted to the URSS Team in Student Opportunity on the ground floor of University House by the deadline. If you are using Warwick Print the poster will delivered to the URSS Team for you.
  • The electronic copy should be uploaded onto the Profile page of your Portfolio by the deadline
  • If you have many images on your poster, it may be too big to upload or email. In which case, you can use the Warwick file share site Files.Warwick to send it to URSS at warwick dot ac dot uk
  • All posters will be displayed at the URSS Showcase on Wednesday 16 November 2022
  • Alternatives to a poster will also be accepted



Members of a group project are each required to submit individual abstracts.

You must upload the abstract onto the URSS Portfolio Profile page by the deadline. You are only required to submit an abstract of your research and NOT a full report. An abstract is usually 100-250 words long

For further advice and to review of your draft abstracts, register for the poster design and abstract writing workshops on myAdvantage.

Below are some helpful pointers for writing an abstract:
  • Go through your article, lab notes or research summaries, and condense each paragraph into one line, and then use all these lines to form the basis of your abstract (and if you find a paragraph in your report/notes that doesn’t say anything that you want to include, perhaps you should think about removing it!)
  • An abstract should not be a 'teaser' like the blurb on the back of a book. If you find yourself writing something like ‘What were the exciting results of my work? Read on to find out …’ then you probably want to re-think
  • Your abstract should be a summary of your whole paper – what you did, why you did it, how you did it, what your results were and where your research is going from here

Intellectual property

In some cases, the research produces results that are either publishable or patentable. In this case, you need to discuss the intellectual property (IP) issues that this raises with your supervisor. We would still like you to produce a poster, so your supervisor’s guidance will be required to enable you to do this without divulging anything sensitive. This maybe that you can concentrate on a part of the project that is not sensitive.

If this is not possible, please ask your supervisor to contact the URSS team to discuss possible options.

Data protection

All successful applicants to the URSS may be invited to participate in other opportunities to showcase their research at University exhibitions and events and to share information on the benefits of the Scheme and their skills development as an outcome of their project. This will entail passing details onto other departments within the University (but not to any outside organisation). By registering for this Scheme, you and the student are agreeing to details being shared within the University. If for any reason, you or your do not wish your details to be provided for this purpose, email URSS at warwick dot ac dot uk.