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Warwick Award Pioneers

During the summer term of 2022, we ran a Pilot of the Warwick Award.

More than 1,100 students from across the University registered for the Pilot, logging details of dozens of activities and and earning lots of Core Skills Points in the process. We saw representatives from every academic department and all of the eligible year groups.

At the end of the Pilot, more than 140 students had earned 20 or more Core Skills Points, meaning they became our Warwick Award Pioneers – earning a special level of the Warwick Award that will appear on their HEAR and on a digital certificate.

Our Pioneers

We’re incredibly proud of the Warwick Award Pioneers and their fantastic achievement in earning more than 20 Core Skills Points during 2021/22. As a permanent celebration of their hard work, here is our Roll of Honour – the full list of Warwick Award Pioneers – which we will add to over the coming weeks.

Warwick Award Pioneers Roll of Honour

We’ll update this soon!