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Learn more about the University's Champions on ED&I issues using the links below (or scroll to see more detail):


Social Inclusion Executive Sponsor

Members of the University’s Executive Board will act proactively as Sponsors for elements of our social inclusion work.

Executive Sponsors will champion particular protected characteristics (as defined by the Equality Act 2010). Each Sponsor will lead by example and serve as a change agent in day-to-day business as well as seeking engagement with other senior stakeholders and the wider internal and external communities. Visible leadership for equality, diversity and inclusion at Executive level within the University will be integral for long-term culture change.

Executive Sponsors provide credibility and authority to an agenda. Being present, vocal, and visibly supporting key initiatives will help to raise the profile of the inclusion agenda and fuel real change.

Social Inclusion Executive Sponsors are as follows:

  • Disability - Rosie Drinkwater (Group Finance Director).
  • Race - Mike Shipman (Pro-Vice-Chancellor, International).
  • Religion or Belief - Sharon Tuersley (Secretary to Council).
  • Sexual Orientation - Chris Ennew (Provost).
  • Sex/Gender - Rachel Sandby-Thomas (Registrar) and Rupert Lawrie (Commercial Director).


Departmental EDI and Wellbeing Champions

The key intention behind the EDI and Wellbeing Champion role is to distribute ownership of EDI, accessibility, and wellbeing across the University and improve communication between the departments and service areas on EDI and wellbeing related issues.

Find more information, including a list of current Champions and a Champion role description, on the EDI and Wellbeing Champions webpage.


Senior Disability Champions

To support the University's work toward the Disability StandardLink opens in a new window a group of Senior Disability Champions have been appointed.

The Senior Disability Champion for the University at Executive level is the Group Finance Director, Rosie Drinkwater. Rosie has responsibility for influencing and driving change across the University on disability related issues.

In addition, Senior Disability Champions have been recruited across key business areas.

Find more information, including a list of current Champions on the Senior Disability Champions webpage.