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Teaching Rooms

There are over 250 dedicated teaching rooms spread across Westwood, Gibbet Hill and Main Campus. Some teaching rooms are centrally managed (CTTRs) whilst others are managed by their respective departments (LTTRs). These vary from small seminar rooms to large lecture theatres, whilst others are designed to be 'flexible' or 'specialist' teaching spaces.

Centrally Timetabled Rooms

Rooms where teaching slots are allocated by Space Management are identified as Centrally Timetabled Teaching Rooms. These rooms can be booked by staff and students through Central Timetabling.


Management of the University's room booking software and construction of the central timetable lies with the Timetabling team.

Refurb Group

The ‘Refurb Group’, has oversight of the refurbishment of the centrally timetabled teaching rooms across the University. It aims to meet every month throughout the academic year in order to address comments from staff and students in relation to the quality of CTTRs. It is responsible for deciding the programme of refurbishment for CTTRs.

Locally Timetabled Rooms

A number of teaching rooms are managed locally by their departments. These are also bookable rooms, however you will need to contact departmental representatives in order to book them.

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Central Timetabling

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