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Refurb Group

The ‘Refurb Group’, has oversight of the refurbishment of the centrally timetabled teaching rooms across the University. It is comprised of colleagues from Space Management and Timetabling, AV Services, Warwick Conferences, Furniture and Equipment (Estates) and Special Projects (Estates). The Group aims to meet every six weeks throughout the year and addresses comments from staff and student in relation to the quality of CTTRs.

Responsibilities of the Group

The Group has oversight of the maintenance and refurbishment of centrally timetabled teaching rooms with the aim of limiting disruption to services and activities across campus.

The Group aims to improve the student experience through raising the quality of teaching spaces.

The Group has specific responsibility for:

(i) Ongoing works, developments and issues:

a. Identifying rooms in need of refurbishment or requiring replacement of equipment and audio visual systems.

b. Identifying additional or replacement equipment required for the pool of portable equipment held by AV Services for use in centrally timetabled rooms.

c. Responding to defects and issues identified in centrally timetabled rooms.

d. Managing ongoing refurbishment works in centrally timetabled rooms.

(ii) Development cycle and planned works:

a. Identifying areas of campus for strategic interventions and refurbishment of groups of teaching rooms.

b. Identifying and liaising with stakeholders, including both suppliers and customers, to improve centrally timetabled teaching rooms and manage periods of refurbishment.

c. Monitoring key refurbishment activity milestones to ensure project deadlines are met.

d. Develop and maintain a five year plan for the refurbishment of centrally timetabled teaching rooms, which will be recommended to the Capital, Space and Amenities Group for approval.

(iii) Finance and management of the refurbishment group budget.

If you have any requests or matters which should be addressed at the next meeting of the Refurb Group please contact the Space Management team.