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Refurb Group: Membership 2017-18

Senior Assistant Registrar (Space Management and Timetabling) (Chair) S Lloyd
Academic Director (Undergraduate) Prof A Clark
Representative of the Institute of Advanced Teaching and Learning Dr J Heron
Solutions Development Team, Estates Office D Gibbons
Interior Design, Furniture and Equipment Officer N Nanuwa
Chief Finance Officer, Estates Office or Representative K Edwards
Students' Union Education Officer L Jackson
Service Owner (Learning Spaces and Collaborative Environment) J Owen
An Academic Technologist Dr R O'Toole
General Commercial Manager, Warwick Conferences C Singleton
Senior Duty Officer, Warwick Conferences P Jones
Head of Client Services, Library H Green
Assistant Registrar (Space Management and Timetabling) (Secretary) H Rowles
Space Management Assistant (Assistant Secretary) J Bowes