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Accessing Opportunities and Services Programme


What is the AOS Programme?

There is widespread and demonstrably high student satisfaction with the services and opportunities that we offer, but also an acknowledgement that we make it difficult for students to understand, navigate, and access our provision. We also know that we make it difficult for staff members to understand what is on offer, making it challenging to refer students for relevant support.

We have launched the Accessing Opportunities and Services (AOS) Programme in order to develop
institution-wide recommendations to resolve a series of problem statements.

The AOS Programme is being managed by the Strategic Programme Delivery team in the Strategy Group and
is sponsored by the Academic Registrar.

Problem Statements
  1. Students are not aware of the services and opportunities we offer.
  2. Our services and opportunities are made inaccessible by:
    • The need to understand our language and structure in order to access provision
    • An absence of staff awareness of what is available to signpost/recommend
    • A website that is complex, out-of-date, and does not meet stakeholder needs
  3. Students’ enquiries receive inconsistent responses over inconsistent timelines.
  4. Our services and opportunity providers capture insufficient and inconsistent data to inform continuous improvement and planning.
  5. Services lack effective case management to enable delivery and onwards support.
What will we be doing?

The AOS Programme will be divided into three projects:

  1. Access
  2. Enquiry Management
  3. Service/Opportunity Effectiveness and Interactions

Each project will have a dedicated Project Board and will be running a series of workshops in the near future to capture and understand opportunities and challenges faced by students and staff teams.

How can you get involved?

Effective and meaningful student and staff engagement is essential to our success. AOS Programme outcomes will only be realised through user-centred, co-created design and development.

In the near future we will be advertising a series of workshops for each of our projects and welcome participation from all teams in the University. We will promote these opportunities on Insite, through Inbox Insite, and via emails to Heads of Department. Please do look out if you are interested.

If you have questions or comments in the meantime, or would like to speak to the team please contact us via aos at warwick dot ac dot uk.

Programme Vision

The AOS programme will support student success by engaging them to access the right help, guidance and opportunities they need through the right channels and at the right time.

Programme Scope

The focus of the AOS Programme is current students, and staff in their support of current students; prospective student and alumni services are out of scope.

All services and opportunities that aid students with transactional tasks, development, and support are in scope, academic department provision is out-of-scope.

Did you know?

Across just eight professional services we have:


email resource accounts


student-accessible webpages

Get in touch

Contact the AOS team by emailing

Programme Manager:
Chris Luck

Project Managers:
Gemma Wilkins and Megan Caulfield

Group of students