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Access Project

What is the Access Project?

The focus of the AOS Access Project is on how we can define and best co-present our services and opportunities to students. The Project has three planned areas of work:

1. Service Catalogue - Defining and listing the objectives, vision, and scope of the services and opportunities we offer students; make recommendations around the need for governance around service/opportunity ‘creation’

2. Current Student Webpages - Make recommendations around the structure and content of professional service current student web provision, considering all types of current and future digital engagement including and beyond the web

3. Website Governance - Make recommendations around the management of student-facing professional service webpages

Desired outcomes/outputs – what are we trying to achieve?
  • Institutional clarity on the services and opportunities available to students (including who is provider, audience(s), student-ready description)
  • One ‘front door’ to all services and opportunities, removing the need to establish and promote visual identities for and awareness of individual professional service departments
  • Presenting services and opportunities in a filterable format; packaging and badging our offer by the benefits students realise through participation
  • Students able to access a record of their interactions with services and opportunities and the benefits they have acquired
  • Reduced risk of outdated and inaccurate content around service and opportunity provision
  • Reduced risk of service and opportunity duplication
Next Steps

Following the appointment of our Project Lead, we will soon be inviting colleagues in professional service departments to help in populating our Service Catalogue.

We will also be advertising some design workshops and inviting colleagues to share ideas, opportunities, and challenges.

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Get in touch

We will soon be recruiting a fixed term Communications Projects Officer to lead the Access Project.

In the meantime, please contact:

Chris Luck (AOS Programme Manager)