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Effectiveness and Interactions

What is the Effectiveness and Interactions Project?
  • Data Capture – ensure accuracy and consistency of service data capture and line architecture (within and across professional services) to inform continuous improvement and management information
  • Case Management – understand business and technical requirements for case management within and between student-facing professional services
  • Campus Location(s) – make recommendations on the physical location of services, informing developments towards a Student Services Hub
Desired outcomes/outputs – what are we trying to achieve?
  • Consistent dashboard reporting of service/opportunity use by all informative student demographics
  • Understanding of case management needs, where these are universal, where there is nuanced difference, where this is entirely different. Recommendations on system solution to meet those needs
  • Informed Estates Master Plan process, understanding the services and functionality for a future Student Services Hub
Next Steps

We will be advertising some design workshops and inviting colleagues to share ideas, opportunities, and challenges around data capture and case management requirements

We will also be working with professional service providers to understand space requirements and researching other Student Services Hubs in the sector.

campus location

Get in touch

Contact the Effectiveness and Interactions Project Lead:

Gemma Wilkins (Assistant Registrar, Strategic Programme Delivery)

Please note that currently Gemma is attached to this project one day a week.