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Enquiry Management

What is the Enquiry Management Project?

The focus of the AOS Enquiry Management Project is on mapping the answers to common enquiries, developing enhanced and accurate self-service provision, and considering our in-person enquiry management.

There are three main areas of work:

  1. Knowledge Base – make recommendations around the need for a self-service online library of information to reduce current student enquiry volume and assist staff in resolving enquiries
  2. Reception(s) – make recommendations around the functionality, location, role, governance, and provision of current student-facing Reception(s) on campus
  3. System(s) – make recommendations around an institution-wide enquiry management system solution for current student enquiries
Desired outcomes/outputs – what are we trying to achieve?
  • Reduced enquiry volume with provision of accurate, easily accessed self-service content
  • Standardised approach to enquiry management, with agreed SLAs (Service Level Agreements) that are monitored and reported against
  • Accurate audit trail of enquiries automatically captured
  • Enquiry data informing student communications provision (recognising peaks in enquiry topics and using this to inform communications planning)
  • Consideration of all in-person transactional tasks and whether these can/should be digitised, prolific (available at multiple locations), or local (available in just one accessible and promoted location)
Next Steps

We are currently researching approaches to enquiry management within and beyond the Higher Education sector to identify good practice.

We will be working closely with colleagues with a frontline student offer to understand the opportunities and challenges they face, to map their provision, and workshop ideas for future developments.

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Get in touch

For any questions and comments, please contact the Enquiry Management Project Lead:

Megan Caulfield (Projects Officer, Strategic Programme Delivery)