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Goal Five: Champion social, cultural and economic growth


Since the University was founded, we’ve had a major social, cultural and economic impact, not only regionally, but also nationally and internationally. We’ll ensure that we keep on exerting a significant and distinctive influence.

Our research must continue to focus international attention on this country and this region, at the same time as introducing economic benefits on a global scale.

We must also build on our agility and responsiveness to emerging trends in teaching and learning, keeping ahead of how models are changing in schools and leading the way in bridging the gap between higher and pre-18 education.

We remain committed to driving social, cultural and economic growth through the quality of our graduates and the real difference they can make to their communities and their sectors.

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What have we done so far across Goal Five?
  • The University has held its 'Festival of the Imagination' as part of its 50th Anniversary celebrations with a significant collaboration with the annual Cheltenham Festival.
  • The Warwick Enterprise Pathway celebrated 50 years of Warwick Enterprise recently.
  • The University is contributing to the Coventry 'Capital of Culture' bid, with key colleagues involved.
  • The appointment of a Director of Sport and Active Communities has underpinned a new strategy centred around regional engagement.
  • The National Automative Innovation Centre (NAIC) is on schedule to open in 2017.
  • Implementation of an enterprise-wide Customer Relationship Management system.
  • To date, over 250,000 learners have benefitted from Warwick in Africa and over £2m has been raised in philanthropic incomce to support global research.
  • Warwick in India provides tutorial support to approximately 300 Indian children.
Increasing regional impact

Programme Boards:

Goal Five is supported through the Business and Partnerships Group.

Find out more about the Business and Partnerships Group and how it helps champion our social, cultural and economic growth.

Social, Cultural and Economic Growth Case Study


The University's new CRM service provides staff with a valuable source of shared and centralised information about the University's external stakeholders. A pilot project is underway to launch this service in a small number of departments before rolling out across the University.

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